Council Approval for Brisbane Carports

Steps Required For Council Approval Prior To Building Your Carport

Brisbane Carports Council Approval

Building and constructing a carport or garage is a popular choice for families looking to offer more protection for their vehicles and add value to the property. This article explains the council approval requirements for the construction of carports for new homes or adding to an existing building either as a stand alone structure or as connection to the property. Since carports are not considered to be dwelling units, regulations governing their construction are similar to those governing the construction of outbuildings and other works associated with a property.

Assessment Requirements

In the exception of some few circumstances, carports being constructed in environmental management zones, emerging community zones, rural zones, rural residential zones and township zones primarily fall in the self assessable development zones. Carports being constructed in low density residential zones, low-medium density residential zones, medium density residential zones and character residential zones also qualify as self assessable developments if they are located within the house’s character overlay mappings of the council. Self assessable means that the council provides an outlay for the minimum requirements and if the building plans meets these guidelines in terms of size and distance from main roads, it does not warrant further assessment by the council. It is important to note that although a building plan may satisfy all the requirements in the self assessable criteria, it still requires building approval from the council. Plans that fail to meet the minimum requirements in the self assessment criteria undergo council assessment on the areas that failed to meet the standards and an evaluation is conducted to determine if the construction is viable. The decision is made in consideration of factors such as space available, fixed maximum roof cover area for the development and safety obligations that are required.

Designs are expected to conform to the outcomes stipulated by the council and where such designs fail to meet the minimum criteria, a new planning application is presented to the council where areas that failed are assessed again. The new application includes any adjustments outlined by the assessment team which will be assessed again prior to approval. Homes located on neighborhood plan areas usually require council assessment of the carport designs before construction can commence. Other important information regarding the property’s zoning, neighborhood plans and overlays could prompt council assessment and approval before construction can begin.

Approval Requirements

Obtaining approval for the construction of a carport alongside a new house is considered easier as it is approved as part of the building application for the entire project. However, building a new carport on an existing building requires a separate approval for the construction.

Compliance to the “deemed to comply” and design principles provisions are mandatory prior to the construction of a carport. The “deemed to comply” provisions mainly address distances, measurements and roofing coverage of the carport while the design principles are concerned with the completed building permit application forms, site plans, construction details, connection details, timber treatment details and where necessary the site engineer’s particulars.

It is important to note that construction affecting common areas such as fences or accesses will require documented approval of the design alterations by the affected parties. Approval of such plans is also subject to the payment of certain fees as referenced in the building services schedule of fees and planning services schedule of fees.

Consequences of Non-compliance

Approval requirements by council before the construction of a new development and/or modification of and existing development are a requirement by law under the Building Act of 1993. Parties failing to comply with the requirements in the legislation face prosecution as all building and construction works that contravene the legal requirements are considered illegal constructions.

The assessment and subsequent approval of all construction works by the relevant council authorities is not only meant to ensure proper planning but is also meant to safeguard the safety of construction workers, dwellers and other persons who may be adversely affected by substandard works either in design or during construction. It is therefore important that all requirements and provisions are met before construction of the carport begins.

Free Council Fees

As part of our service to Brisbane customers we offer a free council fees for most new carports upon approval of our written quote. To find our more about council approval you can call our friendly team to discuss your options.

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