Carports Or Garages, Which Is Right For You?

Carports Versus Garages

Cars depreciate rapidly in value once out of the showroom and more so if they are not protected from the South East Queensland weather. This is the main reason why home owners find it important to build a safe port for their vehicles. Many people find the task of deciding what between a carport and a garage to add to their property an arduous one. Are you stuck between choosing a choosing a carport or garage? If so, you might find the following information important in defining your choice. Firstly we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of building garages then compare it to the alternative option of building carports. Although we are Brisbane based carport builders we often refer customers to local garage building companies if that is what will suit the requirements of a particular project.


Building a Garage - Brisbane, Queensland

Advantages of Building a Garage

Greater Protection

– Provides greater protection- a garage is enclosed on all four sides, which provides greater protection from elements of weather including rain, sun, hail and snow. They also provide a more secure buffer against theft since they are more often than not equipped with a strong door. Inside a garage, the temperatures remain pretty much steady and this is particularly useful during winter, which is a hard time for vehicles.


– A garage is very versatile- garages have extra space for shelves and work benches, making them great for storing additional items such as gardening tools, holiday decorations and cleaning supplies. Additionally, it is possible to convert a garage into extra living space, something that is almost unthinkable with a carport.

Aesthetic Appeal

– Greater aesthetic appeal- garages generally complement the appearance of the home better because they share the same building materials. They tend to be more finished and polished, making them more attractive. Many realtors agree that garages boost the value of homes particularly in areas with extreme weather and high insecurity levels.

Disadvantages of Building a Garage

More Expensive

– More expensive- building a garage uses up a greater quantity of materials and labor than a carport. Generally the average cost of building a garage in Australia is at least twice that of building a carport.

Harder Approval

– Harder to get approval- garages have to meet strict building requirements because the space is enclosed. Some of the restrictions that have to be met include fire-rated walls and ceilings as well as presence of adequate ventilation.

Longer to Build

– Garages take longer to build and require higher levels of expertise. Unlike carports which can be easily constructed as a weekend DIY project if one is handy enough, garages could take weeks to complete and usually require the hiring of an expert garage builder.


Building a Carport - Brisbane - Queensland

Advantages of Building a Carport

Cost Effective

– Easier and less expensive to build- Carports are usually much smaller than garages and require much less materials to build. It is much easier to build a carport as a DIY project while one is almost certainly going to need a contractor to build a garage. These factors make carports much quicker and less expensive to build.

Easier Council Approval

– The guidelines for building a carport are less stringent than those of building a garage, since they are not enclosed and are not considered livable space. For this reason, the process of getting approval from city authorities is easier.

Flexible Design Choices

– Carport designs are very flexible- when it comes to building a carport, there is greater freedom on its design as well as where it is placed. With garages, the general practice is to have them attached to the house and to use materials consistent with the house. A carport can be freestanding or attached to the house or even existing garage. The floor of the carport can be grass, dirt, gravel or any kind of paver one finds fit.


Less Versatile

– Smaller and less versatile- Carports are usually designed smaller and can only accommodate one or two cars. Also, they have less room for shelves and workbenches hence they offer less beyond the chance to park an automobile compared to garages.

Less Protection

– Carports do not offer complete protection from weather elements. They are great for protecting parked cars from the sun and moderate showers but not much else. The fact that they do not have lockable doors also means that they hardly deter thieves.

Less Aesthetic Appeal

– Some people consider them less attractive – although it is a matter of personal preference, most home buyers find carports to be less attractive than garages. This means that a home owner’s choice to build a carport over a garage may have a negative impact on the home value.


The carport versus garage debate can be settled based on three main factors; location of the home, income and the types or number of vehicles you own. Carports are generally smaller and cheaper and would suit families looking to make a smaller investment. Those living in cities with high security issues would find that garages suit them better. Winters in Australia are generally shorter and milder than in countries in the upper tropics. Queensland car owners are more concerned with the sun and warmer climate which is why carports suit Queenslanders  perfectly.